1. Up All Night
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Oh come on in my darling there’s no time to waste
I’ve been dreaming about you the whole livelong day
I wish you were home to stay
So let’s get right to the business of bottles and songs
There’s no shortage of measures and the memories are coming on strong
Easy they float right along

I believe I know what lies in store
Cause I’ve seen this all before

It looks like we’re gonna be up all night
Counting stars in the sky
My love it’s just like old times
One song more
Maybe two maybe four
‘Cause I’m no good for goodbyes
Let’s catch the sun by surprise
We’re gonna be up all night

We’ll pile into the pub and the place is on wheels
And the floorboards are bouncin’ from the jigs and the reels
And we’re kicking up our heels
Here we go arm in arm and we swing round and round
And ‘last call for the bar’ oh it’s the saddest of sounds
Here’s a bottle homeward bound

Yes we’ve seen this all before


Oh sweet memory take us back to the lake (Fireworks)
Fireside while those Kingston boys played

(Chorus 2X)