July News

Thank you, thank you, to all those who voted us in as the recipient of the People's Choice Award at the EMAs!!! We're super-grateful for the support and honoured to receive the award.

We're crossing the country this month - twice! We're in Newfoundland to start and end July, actually. We finished a 3-night stint at O'Reilly's downtown on July 1st, and we have a show in Marystown at Club Beau Bois on Saturday, July 7th. As well, we're on the main stage at George Street Festival on July 28th, opening for NL favourites The Masterless Men. Mid-month, wer'e back out west for a show in Edmonton (Rocky Mountain Ice House on July 13th) and a string of shows in British Columbia (see our tour listing here).

What else are we up to this month? Well, as it happens we're going to release a new original song called "Up All Night" which will be out later in July... don't worry, we'll make sure you know about it.

Until then, cheers!